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When it comes to designing, we give our best to create a responsive website that is accessible to a wide audience and can work seamlessly on mobile, tablet as well as large screen browsers


Each and every app is different from one another. So, at this stage, our team researches and gathers as much relevant information as possible for the project.


Did we say understanding the client’s need is the most crucial stage? Here add another to the list – Planning. A solid plan backed by the deep research and analysis is a roadmap.


Once we have the wireframes and the sitemap, it’s time to design each page of the web application. At this stage, graphic designers breath life to the approved wireframes with custom.


And now let’s come down to the nitty-gritty of the web application, i.e. the development. This is the stage where the designs approved by the client are transformed into a working model.

Testing and Deployment

After the web app is developed and before deploying it to the server, it goes through several meticulous tests to ensure that there are no bugs or issues.

Understanding Client’s Needs

It is quite often believed that the web development process tarts with the design and development but the fact is these stages arrive quite later.